Quality Control
in Guitar Manufacturing

Innovative system guarantees unmatched precision and reliability for every guitar produced

RufQC - Revolutionizing Quality Control in Guitar Manufacturing
RufQC - Revolutionizing Quality Control in Guitar Manufacturing
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Elevating Guitar Manufacturing to Perfection

Why You Need RufQC for Your Guitar Manufacturing Process

What is RufQC?

RufQC is a cutting-edge quality control solution, tailored for guitar manufacturing. This innovative system guarantees unmatched precision and reliability for every guitar produced. Utilizing laboratory-grade measuring equipment, RufQC sets new standards in guitar manufacturing, ensuring unparalleled quality in your production.

all you have to do is place the guitar on the rig and press ‘Check’

Guarantee Perfect Guitars

Rest assured that with our system, every guitar shipped to your customer meets the highest standards of perfection. For added assurance, the system provides detailed inspection reports, allowing you to easily verify and address any issues. RufQC is designed as plug-and-play and integrates seamlessly into your existing manufacturing process, offering a user-friendly experience without the need for specialized expertise. Each control is fast and automatic to maximize efficiency. After the initial setting of the system, all you have to do is place the guitar on the rig and press ‘Check’. RufQC can be set to control the quality of a wide range of guitar products, managing many models in parallel.

RufQC: A Three-Station System for Guitar Quality Control

How can you deliver perfect guitar everytime

The RufQC system comprises three independent control stations, each specializing in a key aspect of guitar quality:

Geometry Control

Laser 3D Sensor for Guitar Geometry and Fretting

The Geometry Control Station relies on a laser high-precision 3D sensor, accurate up to 5.5 μm, to create the digital model of the guitar. This station performs four functions: control of guitar shape (dimensions, contours, curvatures), fretboard shape and surface, fret positioning and finishing, and string action, checking the height of each string along all frets.

Coating Control

Robotic Camera for Guitar Coating Quality

The Coating Control Station is equipped with an industrial camera, mounted on a robotic arm. The camera moves along defined paths over the entire surface of the guitar. The application is able to detect every scratch, indentation, and defect in the coating. A complex lighting system provides flawless control of both matte and gloss finishes.

Instructional Control

Instructional Station for Manual Guitar Tasks and AR

The Instructional Control Station ensures the complete fulfillment of any task that has to be manually performed. It’s suitable for hardware mounting, soldering, or final quality control. The station displays subsequent steps to be performed and can be equipped with different tools and modules for testing sound or electrical connections. The station can optionally include an augmented reality function; a projector displays the type and placement of each component to be mounted, and a camera verifies if the part has been mounted correctly. The camera can also be used for documenting the completion of each step, independently of the AR functionality.

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